Drive controller

Drive control basic (HCB-DCB)

Simple control for basic driving functions.

Different modes. 

Drive as a function of diesel engine speed, control of variable displacement pump and engine. 

Limit load control.

Drive control ECO (HCB-DCE)

+ speed, brake pressure, constant pressure regulator
+ overspeed governor, Eco operating modes

Drive control traction (HCe-DCT)

The same as HCB-DCE 
+ anti-slip  control for 4 wheels during acceleration and deceleration 
+ coupling operation of several vehicles 

Crawler control basic (HCB-CCB)

Simple track control for basic driving functions with different modes. 

Drive as a function of diesel engine speed, control of 2 variable displacement pumps.

Limit load control

Crawler control professional (HCe-CCP)

Equivalent to HCB-CCB 
+ regulation of speed, brake pressure, constant pressure
+ overspeed, eco operating modes and with preparation for steering via GNSS

Standardsteuerung HCB / HCE

Völkel drive controllers offer six expansion stages as standard for drives in closed and open circuits. The smallest expansion stage permits the adjustment of a large mechanical component such as a diesel engine via a Bowden cable or hydraulic load limit controller. The larger controllers, on the other hand, are consequently designed to reduce the number of hydraulic components to a minimum while at the same time providing extended functions via software.

Possible extended functions

  • Operating modes “work” (fixed diesel engine speed) and ”transport” (variable diesel speed) with several parameter sets and limitation sets per mode
  • Adjustable to different conditions
  • Ramps for acceleration, deceleration and braking
  • Dynamic adaptation of drive ramps to driving behavior
  • Adjustable drive curves (start of adjustment, end of adjustment, curvature)
  • Parameterizable number of pumps and/or motors (closed loop) or proportional valves (open circuit)
  • Inching: reduced driving speed with high diesel engine speed
  • Creep mode: limitation of the maximum driving speed for more responsive driving
  • Diesel(bedarfs)management zum Betreiben der Maschine im optimalen Arbeitspunkt und zur Reduzierung des Verbrauchs.  Ansteuerung des Dieselmotors via CAN-Bus (SAE J1939)
  • Speed controller
  • Traction control
  • Constant pressure regulator for maintaining tractive force on slopes
  • Brake pressure control as a function of the engine displacement
  • Limit load control Protection of the diesel engine from overspeed
  • Autopilot for tracked vehicles
  • Communication with displays and/or superordinate control systems via CAN bus (set value setting, actual value display, diagnosis, etc.)
  • Further functions are programmable

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