Motor speed con­troller


1 axle with 1 solenoid for speed control. Set value setting per analog or frequency input

Standardsteuerung HCB / HCE

The Motor Speed Controller controls the speed of a hydraulic motor in closed or open loop mode depending on the parameters set. 

An analog value (from a higher-level controller) or a frequency signal (speed) can be used as the setpoint source. The projection from the setpoint to the actual speed can be infinitely adjusted by a trim factor.

The standard ECU for this control is the HCB controller, which can be used to control 2 solenoids. The MSC enables the unidirectional control of a pump.

If it is required that the speed controller interacts with another function, it is easily possible to port the function to another hardware platform. An example is the synchronization of a winch with a traction drive for off-road vehicles or with a cylinder function (davit in shipbuilding).

The speed controller is used for speed-dependent spreading of materials (e.g. forage, fertilizer and winter road services), for the synchronization of conveyor belts etc.

Inputs and outputs

  • Digital input for enabling, changeover Manual operation
  • Frequency inputs for the target and actual speed of the hydraulic motor
  • Analog input for the trimming factor or the setpoint setting in manual mode
  • Proportional output with current feedback for a proportional valve
  • Status outputs for fault diagnosis

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