Dynamic anti-Stall con­trol


Anti-Stall controller for all kinds of diesel engines

Standardsteuerung HCB / HCE

The Dynamic Anti-Stall controller is a flexible solution for protecting the diesel engine against overload. The entire controller behavior can be adapted to the machine.

By means of an anti-stall controller, a machine can be developed leaner and used more effectively. Anti-stall controllers in excavators also contribute efficiently to oszillation suppression of the drive train.

The standard ECU for the DAS is the HCB controller. The speed of the diesel engine is variably set by the control via CAN bus (SAE J1939 protocol). The controller reads the actual speed of the diesel engine via CAN bus, terminal W or magnetic pick-up, evaluates the load dependant speed reduction and limits the hydraulic pump directly via the proportional output according to the engine's load.

This anti-stall controller has been specially developed for excavator applications where a very high dynamic control response is required. Anti-stall controllers in general are an integral part of many Völkel control systems: They are, for example, not only a component of every drive control system but also of many machine control systems, some of which prioritize the power consumption per actuator and work situation. Compared to such integrated limit load controllers, the DAS is highly dynamic.

Inputs and outputs

  • Digital inputs for switching between working, automotive and economy mode, for reducing idling speed, for temperature switches and for enabling learning functions
  • CAN interface SAE J1939
  • Frequency inputs dedicated to terminal W and a magnetic pickup
  • Analog inputs for setpoint setting
  • Proportional outputs with current feedback for the control of 2 pumps
  • Alarm output
  • PWM and analog output set speed

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