Pro­portional emplifier

HCB-VCB (Valve Control Basic)

2 axles, 4 solenoids
universal software

Standardsteuerung HCB / HCE

The proportional emplifier controls the volume and thus the speed of an actuator.

The set values are read in from setpoint devices, higher-level controls or sensors and mapped to proportional currents for controlling the solenoids of valves.

The standard ECU for this controller is the HCB controller, which can be used to control up to 4 magnets. VCB enables the configuration of 4 unidirectional valves (e. g. variable pressure relief valves, hydraulic motors, etc.), 2 unidirectional and one bidirectional valve (e. g. pump, 4/3-way valve, etc.) as well as 2 bidirectional valves. Setpoints can be gained from analog inputs reading encoders as well as from digital inputs retrieving parameterized, fixed values.

The benefit of electro-proportional adjustment is the sensitive control of actuators. Their non-linearity can be compensated by applying characteristic curves; joysticks or drive pedals are also overlaid with characteristic curves in order to increase the sensitivity of the control system. Target values are reached via configurable ramps. Different ramps for different target values are available.

If more than 4 solenoids are to be actuated, the controller Valve Control Basic can be ported to other hardware platforms. A customer-specific development could be, for example, the multiple assignment of a joystick, in which different outputs are assigned to its setpoint devices by means of switches.

The control function is defined by means of parameterization.

Possible applications are e. g. excavator booms, conveyor belts, etc.

Inputs and outputs

  • Digital inputs, parameterizable as enabled, direction selection, fixed values, parameter set selec tion or characteristic switching
  • Analog inputs (0 - 10 V/0 - 20 mA) for Setpoint input, with parameterizable cable break detection
  • Proportional outputs with current feedback for proportional valves
  • Digital outputs for status and fault diagnosis

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