Völkel is reacting to the corona crisis

COVID-19 forces new challenges and requires special procedures to sustainable the delivery of products and services.

The digitalisation is key important – for our products as well as for our company’s structure. Now it helps us to support our customers in the usual manner even under the current conditions.

Activity areas which require little interaction have been shifted to the home-office. For other colleagues, who need to be in our plant due to the production or the engineers who need to use test environments or the interaction to other engineers we arranged seperated spaces with a maximum distance to each other.

No matter whether the home-office our our plant: we are available for you. Of course meetings on site are replaced by video conferences with desktop sharing. However, even commissionings are possible in real-time by remote diagnostics and remote maintance. You will be surprised by the results.

We are aware about our responsibility as your supplier: Betimes we purchased necessary components to be independet from supply bottlenecks of our partners. Beyond that we produced standard products and products with frame contracts on stock to be availble for our customers even with a limited crew.

If all companies who are not system-relevant will be forced to close by the government, we will be still available for you. With some loss many developments can be made from a home-office. In any case our support and administration will be available for you in the usual way. So far it is not planned to establish short-time work at Völkel.

We are allway there for you.


We have been equipping mobile machines with digital controls for more than 35 years. They are used wherever the harsh environment requires particularly robust electronics: in construction machinery, in agricultural and forestry machines, in municipal and special machines, in mining and in compaction control in road construction.

The way we work

We deliver the reliability of the large series for every quantity: Manufacturers of mobile machines live on small production volumes compared to the automotive industry. Nevertheless, they are obliged to deliver a highly reliable product. We achieve stability in product development through a high degree of reuse and modularization as well as ISO 9001 certified production. The benefit is stable quality and ability to deliver over the entire life cycle of a product.

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