Motor speed con­troller

with engine speed compen­sation


1 axle with 1 solenoid for unidirectional speed control with one pump, diesel engine speed compensation

Standardsteuerung HCB / HCE

The motor speed controller with engine speed compensation is an extension of the simple motor speed controler (MSC) and was developed to maintain a highly constant hydraulic motor speed despite a strongly fluctuating engine speed. 

The compensation of the engine speed disturbance takes effect upstream of the speed controller so that the speed controller is unburdened. The Hydraulic motor speed setpoint is either analog (e.g. by means of a setpoint device or a higher-level control system) or digitally as a fixed value.

The standard ECU for this controller is the HCB controller. It controls a pump unidirectionally. The diesel motor can be connected via CAN bus (SAE J1939), terminal W or magnetic pickup. If it is connected via CAN bus, errors in the diesel engine can also be signaled via a switch output. If the MEC is to be integrated into a machine controller, it can easily be ported to another Völkel hardware platform.

The MEC is used in machines where a highly constant control of the hydraulic motor speed is required. These are, for example, vacuum turbines in sweeping machines. A fluctuating turbine speed would result in a sawing noise that would not be accepted in cities. In addition, the turbine efficiency is best at the rated speed. Another application is truck-based power generators (fire brigade, rescue services, etc.), where a fluctuating generator speed would result in a fluctuating frequency.

Inputs and outputs 

  • Switching inputs to enable parameter set switching and for fixed values
  • Frequency inputs for the actual diesel speed and hydraulic motor
  • Analog input of the set value for the hydraulic motor
  • Proportional output with current feedback for the hydraulic pump
  • Status outputs for error management
  • Voltage output for display of the hydraulic motor speed
  • Frequency output for display of the hydraulic motor speed
  • CAN interface for alternative speed measurement of the diesel engine via SAE J1939

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