steering con­troller basic


Steering control for all-wheel drive, auxiliary and trailing steering

Standardsteuerung HCB / HCE

The steering control provides a universal steering system for an axle with two wheels. Up to four controllers can communicate with each other via CAN bus, so that up to 4 axles can be steered. 

The steering set value can be set via incremental rotary encoders (electronic steering wheel), absolute rotary encoders (set value from front axle or drawbar), via joystick or via digital inputs.

Possible extended functions

  • Steering with the Ackermann algorithm, in which all wheels are positioned tangential to a circle center point to reduce the turning circle
  • Tramline functions, in which all wheels, including those of the hitched equipment drive in the same track and thereby protect vegetation
  • Crab steering, in which all wheels are adjusted to be parallel to move the vehicle sideways
  • Speed-dependent limitation of the steering angle
  • Switchable steering: only front axle or only rear axle

Inputs and outputs

  • Digital inputs, parameterizable as enabled, Ackermann algorithm, crab steering, follow track, straight-ahead, reversal of driving direction
  • Frequency input for drive speed (alternatively via CAN bus)
  • Frequency inputs are evaluated as rotary encoders input for a steering wheel (with encoder output)
  • Analog inputs for target steering angle, actual steering angle
  • Proportional outputs with current feedback  measurement for control of the steering cylinders
  • Status outputs, can alternatively be used to display fault, end stop left or right, straight ahead position

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