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Standard controls

We provide application software for common control tasks on mobile machines. If your task is more complex for us, we derive new control solutions from the standard controls based on the Völkel platform or combine them to create completely new machine functions. The reuse of tried and tested modules enables us to implement solutions for complex requirements with high reliability in a short time.

Standardized solution

Völkel microelectronics implements sophisticated electronic systems quickly and inexpensively on the Völkel platform. The modular system represents our experience with customer-specific projects. It contains hardware and software modules as well as customer-specific software development.

Customized products

Your machine should fulfill its special tasks perfectly. We customize your controllers individually -tailored to your requirements.
Depending on the complexity of the application, we offer different solutions:

Standard controllers with customized software
Just choose a fitting hardware from our Völkel-Platform and we will develop the customer-specific software solution for the controller a few weeks. The result is a flexible, individual and future-proof controller.
Customized developments
To perfect your highly specialized machines, we create your own hard- and software solution for your individual machine and system design. With our strong understanding of machine functions and the use of tried and tested modules, we develop holistic solutions within a few months.

Control units

For common control tasks, Völkel offers hardware platforms, which can be equipped with the corresponding application software to provide the related standard product. This software is easily portable between different hardware platforms. In this way even complex machine controls are ready for the market in a short time.

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