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We provide application software for common control tasks on mobile machines. If your task is more complex for us, we derive new control solutions from the standard controls based on the Völkel platform or combine them to create completely new machine functions. The reuse of tried and tested modules enables us to implement solutions for complex requirements with high reliability in a short time.

SMART MOVE - Die VÖLKEL-Applikationen

Pro­portional emplifier

(Valve Control Basic)

2 axles, 4 solenoids
universal software

Volume, pressure and power con­troller

HCB-VPP (volume, pressure, power control)

Control of 1 axle with 2 solenoids or one Tandem pump

pressure limiter

HCB-DPL (digital pressure limiter)

2 axles with 2 solenoids, pressure limitation and pressure regulator

Posi­tion con­troller

HCB-PCB (position control basic)

1 axle with 2 solenoids for cylinder positioning

cy­lin­der-syn­chroni­zation con­trol

HCB-CSC (Cylinder Synchronous Control)

2 axles with 2 solenoids per controller.
Synchronization of up to 20 cylinders

speed con­troller

HCB-MSC (motor speed control)

1 axle with 1 solenoid for speed control. Set value setting per analog or frequency input

Motor speed con­troller

with engine speed compen­sation
HCB-MEC (motor speed control with engine compensation)

1 axle with 1 solenoid for unidirectional speed control with one pump, diesel engine speed compensation

Anti-stall con­trol

HCB-DAS (dynamic anti-stall control)

Anti-stall controller for all kinds of diesel engines

Drive controller

Drive control basic (HCB-DCB)
Drive control ECO (HCB-DCE)
Drive control traction (HCB-DCT)
Crawler control basic (HCB-CCB)
Crawler control professional (HCB-CCP)

steering con­troller

HCB-SCB (Steering controller basic)

Steering control for all-wheel drive, auxiliary and trailing steering

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