Competent: your partner for innovation

Companies in the machine construction sector drive on technical developments in the economy decisively because their innovative products and services secure their own competitiveness and their customers'. One key technology for new developments is microelectronics. It simply provides dynamically growing opportunities to make machines more productive, more flexible and easier to handle.

Völkel Mikroelektronik helps machine constructors to utilise this innovation technology in a targeted manner for their machines. We reliably contribute our competence and know-how to this partnership in all respects. The result: perfectly matching electronic systems for unique, successful machines.

One reason for the high reliability of our products is well-founded expertise. Another reason is the Völkel Platform which provides each special solution with a professional basis, whilst simplifying complex developments. Tried and proven hardware and software modules not only provide a quality edge, they are also on the market faster.

Our strength: the Völkel team

Highly qualified, motivated employees form our competent team which consists predominantly of hardware and software developers who draw on their wealth of experience to convert electronics to practical machine functions. High-level work, short decision routes and a flat hierarchy in the company demand a high degree of project responsibility from each individual, whilst simultaneously providing the scope for individual talents and ideas.
Our team is proud of its top results which can only be achieved though mutual support because each team member is a specialist in his field. Our style of work is marked by good-humoured cooperation.

Experience shows: both sides profit from the team spirit in our company. We ourselves profit from a creative and productive work climate - our customers from a maximised product and service quality.