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GNSS-RTK-Receiver with

The compact GNSS receiver with the LTE modem GMA is also ideal for small machines. By means of RTK correction service via NTRIP client a position determination with 2.5 cm accuracy is possible.

The GMA makes a machine accessible via the Internet. It communicates with the Völkel cloud server via 4G and 2G mobile radio network and with the control system via Ethernet, USB, CAN or RS232. The bidirectional communication enables the transmission of user and machine data, as well as remote diagnosis and secure remote maintenance (update).

Due to the integrated antennas, the GMA is easy to integrate into a mobile machine and can be flexibly expanded via customer-specific applications.



  • GNSS-Receiver: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou
  • Modem: 4G and 2G
  • Microcontroller ARM processor
  • Data storage: 4GB
  • Integrated mobile radio and GNSS antenna
  • Völkel SIM Card with National Roaming or from third party suppliers
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, CAN, RS232


  • Precise, georeferenced user data acquisition
  • Support of machine control
  • Production data acquisition
  • Server based data logger
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Remote maintenance

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