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We supply compaction machine manufacturers (OEM) with sensors and displays for compaction control.

Based on the acceleration measurement on the vibrator, the intelligent Völkel Compaction Sensor supplies prepared characteristic data for the load-bearing capacity of the subsurface and the operating status of the machine.

The Völkel temperature sensors are used in asphalt construction. The range includes different versions as single-spot sensors or high-resolution surface temperature sensors that offer intelligent and robust evaluation.

The Völkel Compaction Displays offer standardized and individual options to show the compaction progress simply and clearly while working.

In addition to the standard solutions, which can be adapted to the needs of the machine builder with the least possible effort, we build your customer-specific special product for your series machine.

Our customers are international manufacturers of vibration rollers in earthworks and asphalt construction, vibration plates, add-on compactors, trench rollers and asphalt pavers. 

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Völkel Compaction Sensor

Acceleration sensor / 
Vibration and oscillation sensor


The Völkel Compaction Sensor is used to continuously measure the drum's oscillation behaviour and evaluate it from the microprocessor.

Loss-free data transfer from the sensor to the evaluation electronics is decisive for the precision of the compaction data displayed. For this purpose, Völkel has united the acceleration sensor and the evaluation processor on a single board.

Calculated values: 

  • Ground compaction
  • Vibratory frequency
  • Jump mode
  • Oscillation amplitude

Single or multiple Völkel Compaction Sensors could be used e. g. for 

  • single drum rollers
  • asphalt rollers
  • vibration plates

Völkel Tem­perature Sensor 

Single Spot


The temperature sensor is an infra red sensor with CAN interface forn non-contact surface temperature measurement.

Technical Data: 

  • Field of view 10°
  • Measurement range -70…380°C
  • Accuracy ±2%

Typical applications: 

  • mobile machinery
  • road building

Asphalt surface temperature sensor 

Area measurement


The asphalt surface temperature sensor is for capturing installation temperatures and recording temperature balances.

Technical Data:

  • No moving parts
  • Measurement single pixel width ≤ 25cm
  • Measuring width, approx. 13 metres (typical installation height 3.8 metres)
    Measuring angle 120°
  • Measuring range -50…300°C
  • Precision ± 2%


  • mobile machinery
  • road construction (e. g. on a paver)
    - behind the sceed
    - Unterground in front of the sceed 
    - hopper
    - Conveyor belt
    - auger

Völkel Com­paction-Display


The Völkel Compaction Display (ACD) offers a control of the compaction process for vibratory rollers. It represents on an
LED scale the relative compaction of the subsoil during rolling.


  • relative compression by LED scale
  • current exciter frequency as a figure expressed
  • warning of sudden jump operation via indicator lamp

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