Compaction control in soil and asphalt construction - easy to retrofit.

The Völkel CCC-Navigator improves and accelerates the installation of building material with rollers. The assistance system automatically provides the measured values that are vital for compaction quality and its proof.




In earthworks, these are the values for relative soil compaction, with influencing variables such as roller type, driving speed and the condition of the ground.
In asphalt construction, these are the fixed values for density that depend primarily on the temperature, the number of dynamic passes and the mix.

The advantages: all those involved in the process work with knowledge; they are directly informed about the effect of their installation work. With networked rollers, every roller driver also has the work result of his colleagues in view. This enables the paving team to follow consistently the agreed rolling pattern.

The Völkel CCC-Navigator offers extraordinary flexibility:

  • It can be installed in any roller, regardless of type or manufacturer, either at the factory or at a later date.
  • It is ready for use both in soil and asphalt compaction.
  • It assists in all main phases of the compaction project, from setting up the construction site over the rolling to quality verification, as the CCC-report.

The Völkel CCC Navigator sets standards for quality of use.

  • The Navigator package, including modem and GNSS receiver is supplied ready for connection to any vibratory roller.
  • Installation is extraordinary simplified with the smart hub that connects all parts of the system.
  • To set up the compaction measurement is very easy on the PC using the imported construction drawing with the axis data. All specifications are transmitted wirelessly from the construction office to the roller via modem.
  • Measurement starts automatically. The display in the driver's cab shows all essential information.
  • The measured values show on the map in red, yellow and green when the compaction target is reached.
  • Saving is also self-acting. The modem transmits the data encrypted via mobile network directly to the cloud server; there they are available for retrieval at about the same time.
  • Using a secure Internet connection, the CompactDoc software enables access to the current measured values of the roller and comprehensive analyses of the construction project at any time.

Improve and accelerate compaction with the CCC Navigator

  • The most advanced assistance system for earth and asphalt construction
  • The recognized QM system for the contractor

Clear in design, easy to use