Völkel participates in the research project for construction machinery: "AutoProStoffe".

The aim of this project is to optimize production processes in the extraction of mineral raw materials.

The extraction of mineral raw materials (metals, industrial minerals, stones and soils) also requires the process steps of loading, transporting and further processing. Participants in the process are the required construction machinery, such as loaders (excavators, wheel loaders, etc.), transport equipment and processing plants.





  Objectives of the projekt are:

  • The automation of particular work functions of construction machinery.
    The relevant process variables are to be recorded for the first time. Automated functions help to relieve the machine operator and increase the utilization of the machines
  • The intelligent networking of the participants in the process chain.
    It should be possible to control individual processes or participants

This project is funded by the European Union and the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.




Further information on the research project has been published by the Technical University of Cologne: